Monday, April 20, 2015

Macau - Ruins Of St. Paul.

This trip to Macau I experienced a little more of an in-depth tour since we had a local friend acting as tour guide. Unlike my previous trip with a bunch of girlfriends when we had a driver giving us a time limit at each place, this trip we were able to take our time and browse at our own convenience. It's neat to explore places when you know the history surrounding it. 

I enjoyed taking my time and walking through what is probably Macau's most famous landmark, the Ruins of St. Paul. We went on a Monday, so the crowd wasn't as thick compared to what it would be on a weekend. Without having people constantly bumping into me and rubbing elbows with strangers, I was able to notice details on the facade that I hadn't noticed on my previous visit.

When you walk through the facade, there is a museum as well as crypts that you can read your way through to learn about the history surrounding St. Paul. 

We visited the ruins and then walked over to the fort. Unfortunately the fort was closed because it was a Monday. It will definitely be a place I would like to explore again at a later visit.

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