Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tsuen Wan West.

I am still on the search for the perfect place to buy party supplies for my event design business. Trying to find the right store that meets my needs is like going on a treasure hunt around Hong Kong. The only thing is that it ends up being more of a scavenger hunt where I end up finding places that do not meet what I need. However, there is some adventure in getting lost and roaming around the streets of Hong Kong. You can discover things you never knew existed before. 

Such was the case when we discovered Tsuen Wan West. We had a lovely walk around the town and along the waterfront where we saw a collection of old men catching the smallest little fish and putting them into a bucket to keep. 

There were a few runners on the waterfront promenade, but for the most part it was empty and quiet. Did we find the shop we were looking for? Eventually. After getting lost in the different streets of Tsuen Wan West we found the warehouse we were looking for, only to discover they had closed fifteen minutes earlier. 

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