Friday, March 13, 2015

Singapore - Sentosa.

There was one day that we spent in Singapore that we tried to fit in as much as possible. We managed to make it down to the southern most point of continental Asia and take a group photo in front of the sign.

Sentosa was different from what I was expecting. I had no clue we would be walking into such an intense island resort environment. We mainly stayed on the Palawan beach, walking out over the suspension bridge to see the southern most point of continental Asia landmark. This is the closest I have been to the equator!

Sentosa offers theme parks, hotels, golf, spas, and casinos. We played around with the idea of renting a cable car, but instead just headed down to the beach. 

Our kids really wanted to go into the water. We told them no, even though it did look inviting. Walking around Singapore one can really work up a sweat, but kids and water with no extra change of clothing does not work very well. So our two kids stayed up on the shore and ran around while we fed them snacks!

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