Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I have lived in the Philippines for years, which is a humid country. We lived in South Carolina for over a decade, which is also a humid climate. But nothing quite compares to the mold issues we are encountering here in Hong Kong. 

I see the topic brought up on the Mom websites I'm part of on a regular basis. Again, nothing can prepare you for how serious the mold can become until you experience it first hand. We experienced it in the house we rented for one month in Tai Po, which is one main reason we chose to rent in a brand new apartment building. I did not want to deal with mold. But I am.

We are still dealing with mold on a much smaller level in the new flat. I know we really need to purchase a dehumidifier, but I am dragging my feet on it because it's just another appliance to store in our already tiny apartment.

So my solution to our mold problem was to wipe it up with vinegar and put anti-mold packets that I purchased from the grocery store in every window {our problem areas}, as well as cupboards, and closets. Since we have turned our air conditioner back on, we're no longer dealing with the mold problem. We've found that this has all helped combat the mold considerably. I've later learned that that one reason mold is such a problem here in Hong Kong, is the paint used on the walls. There is nothing in the paint to protect it from fungus. I am now armed with my spray bottle full of vinegar!!!

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