Friday, January 16, 2015

Traditional Chinese Clothing For My Children.

As I mentioned yesterday, today I am sharing with you the traditional Chinese outfits we purchased for our two children in preparation for Chinese New Year. We found them in a shop down in the Wan Chai market. We were lured in to the store by the wall of waving cats.

Here are our kids in their traditional dress fresh from the package. As their mom, I need to look into properly steaming out the wrinkles before they wear these in public! As a family, we're not into searching after good luck to ward away evil spirits, so we didn't go with the more traditional red color. We simply chose the colors of the two outfits because they coordinated with each other. My son loves the dragon embroidered on the front of his jacket. From what research I have done, I believe that my daughter's style of dress is traditional cheongsam.

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