Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Renting Bikes In Kowloon City.

Sunday afternoon we rented bikes in Kowloon City right next to the Walled City Park. There is a little bicycle loop with hills and bridges to ride on. For forty-five Hong Kong dollars, you can rent a bike for one hour. There is a large selection to choose from, some with the protective plastic wrap it came with still around the frame.

Let me set the stage for you... picture well over a couple hundred children ranging from the ages of three to ten years riding recklessly around the track. There are no rules when you're on the track. It's easy for bicycles to get congested causing you as a biker to have to put your brakes on fast. Then imagine your own child on a pink bike with training wheels stopping to walk her bike up and down each hill causing her own little traffic jam. But you keep biking because your older child is having the time of his life, and let's face it, any physical activity that is outside of the tiny little flat needs to be enjoyed.

This is a great track and we are fortunate to live relatively close to it. My husband and I would love to purchase bicycles for our family, but the biggest issue of all is where to store them once we've purchased them. Thus making renting bikes a great option instead.

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