Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I Set Off The Fire Alarm.

I was cooking steak on our induction stove top with the fan blowing overhead. But my frying pan was too hot and as soon as the steak hit the bottom of that pan there was a gust of smoke. I opened the balcony door next to our stove, but it wasn't soon enough. The alarm in our apartment started shrieking. However, in our apartment building, if the alarm goes off in one apartment, it goes off for the whole building as well. 

Evacuate our sleeping neighbor who had just come in from South Africa and was getting over jet lag. Sorry neighbors. We duly apologize! 

After forty-five minutes, our doorman turned off the alarm for the entire building, but left the alarm still blaring in our flat. It took two hours and a doorman shift change for the night guard to flip one switch and turn off the alarm in our flat.

Subsequently, every time I cook I flinch at any noise that resembles the shrill piercing sound of the fire alarm! Oh the joys of apartment living.

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