Wednesday, October 8, 2014

We Bought An Oven.

Matt Damon bought a zoo and we bought an oven. When you're new in a foreign country little things can appear to be daunting. Little things that I took for granted before, like baking. This is the first time we do not have an oven in our kitchen. I'm a baker by nature, and after debating with myself whether or not I could go two years without the use of an oven, I came to the conclusion that an oven is a necessity for me.

My sweet husband surprised me one afternoon by purchasing the oven I had my eye on. Everything was set. The scene was similar to that of my first cooking debacle. My batter was mixed and cookies were ready to go on the baking sheet. We turned the oven on to preheat, and heard a popping sound coming from the electrical cord. Then we saw some smoke wafting up. I panicked. The smell alone made me too scared to try to plug it back in.

In comes my husband to the rescue. He packs the oven back in to it's original box and heads back out to the store to exchange it.

The second oven we purchased also made the popping sound when we plugged it in but this time there was no visible smoke. I quickly shoved the baking sheet of cookie dough into the oven so we would soon have the delicious smell of butter, flour, and sugar baking and it would hopefully take our fears off of burning down our apartment building. We carefully monitored the oven to make sure it behaved and worked fine.

Since then we've made more chocolate chip cookies, as well as loaves of bread. I am thankful that I can bake again! 

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