Monday, October 6, 2014

Hong Kong Science Museum.


Apparently museums are free to visit every Wednesday. This is a great tip for families with young kids who are living on a budget here in Hong Kong! The museum is really not just for families with young kids. I saw a lot of adults with no children, as well as teenagers, walking through the museum and actively participating in the different displays.

Our two children are currently out of school on a week of holiday, so Wednesday we all loaded into a taxi and drove out to the Hong Kong Science Museum which is located in Tsim Sha Tsui. There are four levels to the museum with hands on stations for the kids to learn about science through the different exhibitions.

My seven and five year old kids loved the interactive exhibits on the first floor that helped them learn about electricity and magnetism. There is also a very interesting exhibit that encourages safety in the work place. It was a little disconcerting to see a fatal dummy demonstration of what could potentially happen if one isn't careful.

On the second floor of the museum there is a large food science exhibition. As a former nutritionist, I found this to be a very informational station. It was a great visual for my children to see how to turn food waste into compost and then to fertilizer.

The second floor also boasts a DC-3 airplane which is suspended from the ceiling. This airplane is the first Hong Kong airliner and a large attraction for the museum. 

We met up with some of my husband's coworkers on the third floor and our kids had a great time playing together. A favorite of my kid's was the train wheel's exhibit where they could choose from a set of three different wheels to roll down the track and not try not to derail.

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