Sunday, September 7, 2014

Mid Autumn Festival In Hong Kong.

I've been told that the Mid Autumn Festival is to Hong Kong what Thanksgiving is to the United States of America. It's a public holiday here in Hong Kong celebrating the harvest. We officially celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival this coming Tuesday, but the kids have a four day weekend off from their school, so as a family, we are celebrating all weekend long.

I've also learned that the festival is all about spending time with family. Having an evening picnic on the beach, grilling together as a family, and watching the moon. Families will have battery operated lanterns with them and children will carry glow sticks.

The moon plays a large part in this particular holiday.

We've eaten our first mooncakes as a family and my kids get excited about them every time they see them advertised on a billboard. Both kids have tasted the cakes in their Mandarin class and can read the Chinese characters printed on the surface of the mooncakes. The mooncakes we ate as a family were not what one would consider the traditional cake, but rather a more contemporary non-baked style of cake. We ate what is referred to as a "snowy mooncake". A glutinous rice crust with a pandan filling. 

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