Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Grocery Shopping At The Wet Market.

Oh lovely wet markets... I love to walk through them. I love to see the fresh produce and the different stalls, but I am so intimidated to purchase anything from them! Because purchasing something from them would mean I'd have to communicate with my zero Chinese vocabulary and their zero or very broken English vocabulary. 

For now, I find it much easier to walk into a grocery store, pick what I need off the shelf, and just place it in my shopping buggy. When I get to the check out counter, I can't even communicate with the person {typically it's a female} scanning my food items. I just smile and tell her I don't need to pay fifty cents for a grocery bag. I pull out the little bag I reserve for grocery shopping that is always tucked away into my massive mom purse and the person then knows what I'm trying to communicate. She will tell me how much money I owe her after she's rung everything up, but I don't understand her, and need to read the register to know which bills to give her.  

But one of these days I will muster up my courage and boldly walk into the wet market and purchase a couple items from a few different stalls. I've been told to carefully watch what I purchase from the wet market. Some items tend to be more expensive in the wet market as opposed to the grocery store. Typically the meat is more expensive in the market and vegetables are more economically priced. 

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